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10 Safe Driving Tips for Learner Drivers

10 Safe Driving Tips for Learner Drivers

10 Safe Driving Tips for Learner Drivers

 1. Dealing all Junctions.: You should be able to deal all sort of junctions. When it comes to dealing junctions, Observation is the key to deal them safely. You should be able to read road sign and markings and be aware how to deal with all junctions. Like when approaching to a roundabout, traffic coming from  right has priority, you can go without stopping if its safe to do so. You always keep crisscross box clear if your exit is not clear. you can only wait in box if you turning right and on coming traffic is blocking you as oncoming traffic has priority.

2. Drive in All Conditions: You should be able to drive in all road conditions in traffic and various speed limits. Driving in all weather condition is important . You should have skill to control the car in fast flowing roads as well as  to slow  moving traffic,  from multi lane dual carriageway to single lane narrow road. You should be able to deal with tricky Meeting situation and busy roads in town with a-lot of moving hazards.

3. Defensive Driving / Safety: You should drive with due care to keep you and other road users safe. If you driving in traffic  keep a  safe gap in front. You should be aware of who has priority and when you need to give way to other traffic. Sometimes keeping defensive driving approach is important to avoid any accident.

4. Awareness and Planing / Awareness of Surroundings: Awareness and planning is very vital  skill of to become a safe driver. Awareness is  your observation. Better you aware of your surroundings better you can deal situation. Where as Planning, it’s your options based what you see then you choose to best to deal that situation.  Awareness always come from outside to inside the car. for example what you see outside then you can control car, which is more awareness inside the car . its more you aware of your speed. Gears  etc to deal that situation.

5. Consistent and Confident: You need to be consistent and confident to deal with all driving skills. Specially you should be able to drive comfortable in unfamiliar area. You should be able to deal new junctions and various road conditions with full confidence. You should be able to drive independent.

6. Response to Road Signs and Signals: You should be able to read road sigh and signals and know how to response. Its very critical to understand for safety. You should know speed sign, bus timings and other road markings. If you see filter/priority light in your direction it means you have priority over oncoming traffic, it means you proceed.

7. Highway Code / Safety: Highway code is very import to know as it define all rules and regulations for a safe driving. You should know all these rules, understand and should be able to deal them accordingly in traffic.

8. Car Control: Car control is very import skill to have for a safe driver. You will have expertise to control the car in all road conditions and all weather conditions. You should be able to drive in heavy traffic in slow moving traffic also you should be able to control the car in fast flowing multi lane road. All the time car should be under control which keep you safe as well other road user. Its a legal requirement for every driver to drive with due care and attention all the time to keep them self and all other road user safe and legal.

9. Use of Mirrors: Use of mirrors is very important to be more aware of your surroundings. Mirrors are  your eyes for drivers on back, to see what is fallowing and on side. As a driver, all the time you be should be aware of whats happening around you. You check mirrors to be aware of your road positions and be aware of all other hazards like cyclist and pedestrian which are difficult to see.   Always check mirrors in pair as interior mirror first as it gives you what is fallowing and it also gives you actual distance after that side mirrors the direction you going as they give more better view of any hazard on side. At all times we should be checking mirrors but there are 3 areas you must check mirror.  Mirrors before signals: You must check mirrors before signal to ensure how your signal can effect other road user, You may need to little early if someone fallowing very closely. Mirrors Before Change in Speed: You must check mirrors before change in speed,  when you increase or decrease speed. When approaching to any hazard like traffic light, junction, check your mirrors before breaking. also check mirrors again when increase speed as After moving when light turn green, after turning on new road, when you make progress, to be aware what is fallowing you. Mirrors before change in Direction: You must check mirrors before you do any manoeuvre to check if thats safe to do so, specially checking left mirror before turning left is important to make sure if there is no cyclist. When turning right checking right mirror will give in case any overtaking traffic.

10. Reversing. You should be able to carry out reverse manoeuvre in safe manor. When you doing any reversing you have to show have good car control and good all around effective observation.

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