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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:- Can I start my driving lessons without passing theory?

Yes, You can start your driving lessons without passing your theory. Actually we strongly
recommend to start theory and practical same time as you will have better knowledge and
understanding. You must need to pass theory test to book your practical driving test.

Q2:- Can I take lessons without having provisional licence?

No, You must have to provisional licence to start your driving licence.

Q3:- What age I can start my driving lessons?

Legal age to drive on public road is minimum 17 years old and must hold provisional licence.

Q4:- What is DVSA rule about eye sight?

You must be able to read number plate at 20 meters, (20.5 old style). You are allowed to
wear correct eye wear if you need but you must continue to wear for lessons and driving.

Q5:- What to take with me on my first driving lesson?

You need provisional license, glasses or contact lenses if you use and comfortable clothing
and shoes.

Q6:- I am quite nervous about my driving lesson, How to control nerves?

All our driving instructors are very friendly and professional with fitted dual control which
will help you to practice at your own pace in safe manors.

Q7:- How many lessons will I need to pass my driving test?

It depend on individual and hard to tell exact number of lessons. However, according to
DVSA recommendation average people need about 44 hrs of professional training with
addition to 20 hrs of private practice.

Q8:- What’s the best and affordable way to pass driving test?

We have range of lessons including standard driving lessons, which is best if you have more
time. We also offer intensive course to help you get your freedom in few weeks.

Q9:- What is duration of lesson?

We recommend 2 hrs lessons as it gives you ample time to practice but it can very for
individual depending on their requirements.

Q10:- When should I book my practical driving test?

Your instructor will help you decide when you will be ready to take your practical test.

Q11:- What is Pass Plus?

Its minimum of 6hrs of additional training after passing your practical driving test.. It mainly
include Motorway, Countryside, Town and Night time driving.